Change Style Insight Pro

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Includes a Change Style Indicator® self-assessment+ 60 minutes live on-line individual coaching session with certified Master Coach Christel Berghäll.

How do you approach and adapt to change? What is your style in leading change? In today’s fast paced environment, change is almost constant. It can be scary for some while others thrive on change. By exploring your personal Change Style Indicator® you will get a deeper understanding of how you approach and deal with change and what your preferred way of leading change is. The Change Style Indicator® assessment provides employees of all levels with insights on personal preferences in change situation. The assessment is also very helpful for leaders in determining one's preferences in initiating and dealing with situations in the workplace that concern change. Change Style Insight Pro-package includes:
  • A personal Change Style Indicator® -report
  • 60-minute live online individual feedback coaching session with Change Style Indicator certified Master Coach Christel Berghäll. Feedback sessions are held over zoom. 
The Change Style Indicator® questionnaire is easily completed through an online questionnaire in 15 minutes or less. In the feedback coaching session, Christel take you through the interpretation of your Change Style Indicator- results in a feedback coaching session and coach you on any change related challenge you wish to explore. You will receive your comprehensive personal Change Style Indicator report at the beginning of the session. The Individual Report includes an individual's distribution on the Change Style Indicator continuum for three primary change styles including Conserver, Pragmatist and Originator. You not only receive your personal scores but also valuable resources for how to increase your flexibility and maximize your effectiveness when dealing with change. How it works: When you buy Change Style Indicator Pro-package here online, you will receive instructions for conducting the The Change Style Indicator® assessment online survey. The report will be shared with you first thing at the beginning of your individual feedback coaching session.


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