April 21, 2024

Influence and Make an Impact!

In order to achieve significant outcomes in both work and life , we need to have the skill to influence others. Influence is a core leadership skill essential in every role.  Did you know, that when a leader moves from single country to multiple country responsibilities – Influence becomes the #1 differentiator between the most effective leaders and the others?

Influential leaders authentically and credibly advocate for themselves, their teams, and their ideas. They understand various influencing tactics and choose the right approach to connect with others to get support for their ideas. Impactful influencers also know their preferred influencing style and understand their when to use it and when use some other more powerful styles.

If you are interested in exploring your personal influence style, please contact me (lisää kontakti nappula)for a research based individual assessment and a coaching session to follow.

If you are interested in developing influencing skills in your organization, please reach don’t hesitate to contact me