Personality Insight Pro

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Includes a WorkPlace Big Five Profile™personality self-assessment + 90 minutes individual feedback coaching session with certified Master Coach Christel Berghäll.

Do you want to increase your self-awareness? Personality Insight Pro-package helps you to do that. Personality is a natural starting point when you want to understand who you are in a work context. Your personality says a lot about how you approach your work, how you relate to your colleagues, and what appeals to you.

Personality Insight Pro-package includes:

  • Your personal WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait-report
  • 90-minute live online individual feedback coaching session with WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ -certified Master Coach Christel Berghäll. Feedback sessions with Christel are held over Zoom. 
About WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is one of the world's most researched, used and validated personality assessments. The assessment has been widely accepted as the “standard” of personality research, and it is also often used as the basis when evaluating the validity of other personality assessment tools. You will receive a personal link to the questionnaire, which you can complete in 15 minutes or less. In the coaching session, Christel will take you through the interpretation of your survey results in a feedback coaching session. You will receive your comprehensive personal WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait-report at the beginning of the session, which reveals your five personality supertraits Need for stability (N), Extraversion (E), Originality (O), Accommodation (A), Consolidation (C)and 23 subtraits that simply and clearly explain work-related behaviors found in day-to-day encounters with coworkers, employees. How it works: When you buy Personality Insight Pro-package here online, you will receive instructions for conducting the WorkPlace Big Five online survey. You can conduct the survey in Chinese, Danish, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, International Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian or Swedish. You can choose the report to be delivered to you in English, Finnish or Swedish. Please state your language selections in the purchase process in field "Order notes". The report will be shared with you first thing at the beginning of your individual feedback coaching session.

2 reviews for Personality Insight Pro

  1. Bettina Kanninen

    My experience with the Workplace BIG FIVE PROFILE and collaboration with Christel was extremely rewarding! The assessment helped me enhance my self-awareness and identify my strengths and areas for development as a leader. Christel is a warm and firm coach. Her ability to make insightful observations and provide a growth-supporting mirror was particularly valuable to me.

  2. Andre Loran

    Participating in the Workplace Big Five profiling during my management studies was a transformative experience for me. This assessment didn’t just highlight my strengths and areas for improvement; it also offered me profound insights into my leadership style. The coaching I received was exceptional—combining warmth with professionalism in a way that both challenged and supported my growth. This experience has greatly improved my self-awareness and equipped me with valuable tools for personal and professional development. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills.

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