“Elevate your Career” – Intense Job Transition Coaching

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Includes 4 x 90-minute-long individual career/job transition coaching live online sessions with certified Job Transition Master Coach Christel Berghäll. The sessions are tailored to focus on what matters most for you in your career/job transition challenges. The package also includes job transition coaching tools /materials relevant to your challenge, which your coach will provide to you.

Are you currently in between jobs? Or are you perhaps thinking about what your next move in your career should be? Or do you feel stuck with where you are with your career right now and feel the need to reinvent your next chapter or work? The "Elevate Your Career" is an intense Job Transition Coaching package for you, who have a identified a specific job and career-related challenge you want to work on with a professional Job Transition Coach.

About "Elevate Your Career" - Intense Job Transition Coaching package

You will work with your Job Transition Coach in four focused and tailor-made live online coaching sessions, each 90 minutes long. You will, before the start of the first coaching session, answer an online Job Transition Coaching intake form, which explores your situation, your challenges, and your aspirations. This will help Christel Berghäll as your Job Transition Coach to get to know you and help in the preparation. The more detailed objectives will be defined during the first coaching session. To get the maximum benefit from the process, a commitment to do some work in between the sessions is expected. The price includes all preparations by your Job Transition Coach, any tools and materials depending on the focus of the process, any inter-session assignments and any communication between you and your Job Transition Coach in between the sessions.

1 review for “Elevate your Career” – Intense Job Transition Coaching

  1. Tessaliina Ilmelä

    The process changed the way I think about the career change I had in my mind in the beginning. I understand myself better now, the uncertainties and doubts that I have, but am still quite in peace with these feelings. The process cleared my values and wishes for future in a great way.

    I really enjoyed working with Christel and found my Career coaching process to deliver on the goals I had in mind when starting the process – although it did so eventually in a different way than I first expected. I felt it was easy to have open discussions with Christel, even when dealing with quite challenging topics. When I felt lost in my own thoughts, Christel’s ability to guide me through the process was remarkable.

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