May 23, 2020

I am a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist

20+ years of my work has centered around transformation: organizational change, tranformation in leadership teams and individual transformation (executive coaching). Right now I am super excited as have taken my work to an even deeper level, and certified myself as a ✨Rapid Transformational Therapist✨

In order to create a sustainable change for the future, we sometimes need to work on our past in order to understand on a deeper level where our thought patterns and beliefs come from. Whilst the majority of my work will continue to center around the future (tranformational coaching & organizational transformation consulting),  I now also offer Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions for my adults and as my time allows, I will welcome 18+ year old young adults as therapy clients. We all know how the pandemic has increased mental health problems, and I want to do my share in helping young adults who are usually less equipped to deal with their challenges.

✨Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) ✨ is a therapy form that is known for its efficiency in discovering the root cause of a client’s issue and helping let go of old thought-patterns and beliefs for good. Often, you only need 1-3 sessions and things start to shift. Understanding is power and that is where any change (and healing) journey begins. 🔮

I’m happy to share more of the work I do. Please contact me at christel (at) ✨ ” Don’t be a prisoner of your past, it was a lesson, not a life sentence”.