March 26, 2020

A human-centric approach to transformation

As we know, 70% of organisational changes fail to meet their objectives or even increase the costs planned. Having been in the industry for 20+ years, I have been stunned to see that the statistics has not become much better over the year. There are many reasons according to research but it all really seems to get down to one key thing, many organisations are still lacking a human-centric approach to change. Having a human centric approach to change and transformation, means that we are taking into account the human element as a key component when we are planning and implementing organisational change initiatives. Often this means concretely laying out different personas and trying to understand the needs and how the change will impact various people concerned. Also stake holder analysis are made. But it isn’t really enough unless we have strong human-centric leadership at all levels in the organisation. Only though good leadership the transformation really becomes human-centric at an INDIVIDUAL-level. We all know that organisations change one person at a time. I believe that if organizations would more seriously consider the change leadership capabilities (and lack thereof) it has, we would probably see different statistics on organisational change implementation in the future.