Are you currently in between jobs? Or are you perhaps thinking about what your next move on your career should be? Job Transition Coaching is a powerful process to re-invent yourself, discover your potential and gaining insights on what might be the next steps you want to take on your career. Job changes also often involve a lot of “letting go” and creating some space for something new.

Job Transition Coaching can help you to deal with the transition from old/current to new. The length and focus of the Job Transition Coaching process will be tailor-made to fit your development needs and you will get plenty of tools to help you in gaining clarity on your job moves. the Job transition coaching process can comprise a mix of face to face and virtual coaching sessions or be fully virtual.

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Christel uses different techniques of facilitation, she is highly credible and at the same time a warm-hearted person.
- Leader, Consumer goods company (Participant in Leading Change Program)