Elevate Yourself

What do we mean by elevating ourselves? It means we are taking ourselves to a higher state of being. It’s about opening our brain to a higher level of thought and growth. Personal growth happens both through experience and action but also through developing new ways of thinking and new ways of being. In our action oriented society we tend to value new actions over new thoughts. Nontheless, new ways of thinking and new ways of being usually lead to new actions. The only difference being, that the action comes from a more deeper and committed place.

A human-centric approach to transformation

As we know, 70% of organisational changes fail to meet their objectives or even increase the costs planned. Having been in the industry for 20+ years, I have been stunned to see that the statistics has not become much better over the year. There are many reasons according to research but it all really seems to get down to one key thing, many organisations are still lacking a human-centric approach to change. Having a human centric approach to change and transformation, means that we are taking into account the human element as a key component when we are planning and implementing organisational change initiatives. Often this means concretely laying out different personas and trying to understand the needs and how the change will impact various people concerned. Also stake holder analysis are made. But it isn’t really enough unless we have strong human-centric leadership at all levels in the organisation. Only though good leadership the transformation really becomes human-centric at an INDIVIDUAL-level. We all know that organisations change one person at a time. I believe that if organizations would more seriously consider the change leadership capabilities (and lack thereof) it has, we would probably see different statistics on organisational change implementation in the future.

I am a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist

20+ years of my work has centered around transformation: organizational change, tranformation in leadership teams and individual transformation (executive coaching). Right now I am super excited as have taken my work to an even deeper level, and certified myself as a ✨Rapid Transformational Therapist✨

In order to create a sustainable change for the future, we sometimes need to work on our past in order to understand on a deeper level where our thought patterns and beliefs come from. Whilst the majority of my work will continue to center around the future (tranformational coaching & organizational transformation consulting),  I now also offer Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions for my adults and as my time allows, I will welcome 18+ year old young adults as therapy clients. We all know how the pandemic has increased mental health problems, and I want to do my share in helping young adults who are usually less equipped to deal with their challenges.

✨Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) ✨ is a therapy form that is known for its efficiency in discovering the root cause of a client’s issue and helping let go of old thought-patterns and beliefs for good. Often, you only need 1-3 sessions and things start to shift. Understanding is power and that is where any change (and healing) journey begins. 🔮

I’m happy to share more of the work I do. Please contact me at christel (at) stepbeyond.eu ✨ ” Don’t be a prisoner of your past, it was a lesson, not a life sentence”.


I am so excited. I have been awarded with the Master Coach Certification (MCC) from International Coaching Federation which is the highest credential awarded by the ICF and is the gold standard for the coaching profession. Two years ago I was awarded the Master Coach Accreditation from the EMMC Global, and today I am honored to hold the Master Coach credentials from both of the two leading global coaching organizations, ICF and EMCC.

A big thank you to all my coaching clients, both individual executives and senior teams for continually challenging and inspiring me – I am learning so much from you.


Can you coach yourself through change?

Needless to say that the amount and speed of change is constant. Often we are facing changes in multiple areas of our life simultaneously. We do not always have the luxury to get coaching a sparring from others and we are left to find the answers to our challenges and questions by ourselves. The truth is that we are very resourceful as human beings and indeed can coach ourselves through change. I have been coaching and training leaders for a decade in this space and have developed a tool to support leaders to coach themselves through change. Almost 1000 leaders have so far used this tool I am so excited that this tool will soon be available world-wide in my on-line store which will be opening up soon. Stay tuned.