HR is going agile- I am a certified Agile HR practitioner

I am excited to have obtained a Certification as Agile HR practitioner by the Agile HR community . An agile way of working has always been at the core of my way of working. Now I have the formal certificate, which enables me to takes this way of working to a new level with my clients. The way HR is adding value to the business needs to change from a traditional waterfall approach to an approach which is more agile and meeting the rapidly changing business environment we are living in. Working in an means that you adopt flexible approach of how you create value to business. It means working in a customer centric way, being responsive, fast & innovative in the work approach adopting an experimental approach. Work is prioritized and stake holders engaged. Depending on the client’s mindset and culture, the way how the work is designed will be tailor made to fit that organisations operational model and maturity. Hence traditional and agile methods are combined to suit the client’s needs. If you are interested to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me at Christel Berghäll