I am joining the 4×4 movement by offering free coaching to support 4 individuals impacted by Covid-19 consequences

I have been thrilled to see how much caring and support is in the air in these exceptional times caused by Covid-19. We still have a bumpy road ahead of us and we are not sure where this road will lead us to. In these times it is very important that we take good care of ourselves and focus on what we can influence and make the most out of it.  Coaching is a powerful method that can help us navigate through tough times and unlock unknown potential in us.  In the spirit of solidarity, giving back and expressing my support, I have decided to join the movement #4×4 and extend it to #4x4x4. This means I am offering free of charge 4 coaching processes, each consisting of 4 sessions (1 hour per session) and to 4 selected individuals. The coaching sessions will be held over zoom and you can be based in any country. The coaching sessions will extend over a period of 3-4 months.  My coaching languages are Finnish, Swedish and English. If you,  or anyone you know have a need of coaching, please write me a personal message @christel.berghall@stepbeyond.eu  by April 21st.  Please write a few words about yourself, your challenge and why you would need coaching right now.  I will give some priority to individuals: 1. who are working in the front line of Covid-19 fight (doctors and nurses, ER or in the ward or in the intensive care unit) or  2. Leaders and entrepreneurs who are under pressure to save businesses and jobs due to the Covid-19 consequences or 3. Individuals who have lost their jobs or are temporarily laid off because of Covid-19 consequences and are in need of career or job transition coaching.  I have informed about this coaching opportunity also on sites for above mentioned target groups. I will on April 22nd be in touch personally with the persons I will select to join in on this personal development journey. Thank you to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council for launching this initiative.  #4×4 #coaching #solidarity #support #together #emcc #stayconnected