Adopting an intrapreneurial mindset

It is fascinating to experience how digitalization and AI forces large corporation to create a culture more as start-ups. I have during my career worked with numerous amounts of clients who recognize that their culture will need to shift if they have to stay ahead of the game. Very often these organizations are referred to as “adopting an intrapreneurial mindset”. Google is probably on of the most known organizations to have succeeded in doing this. However, more traditional large companies such as GE have notably also made some great progress and have been praised for internal approach to  translate lean startup principle and other disruptive strategies across its ecosystem. Last week I facilitated a module with high potential leaders and our module took place in Moscow Russia. During this week we had a chance to visit Sberbank HQ in Moscow and hear about their digital transformation. This 200000 employee organisation has 138 teams working on their bank’s on-line products and all product managers act as CEO’s. Another interesting example of a large corporation which has been able to transform itself, its business and culture in the past 3 years.