Mentoring and Coaching in the digital age

Yesterday we celebrated 10 years of Euopean Mentoring and Coaching Council in Finland with a national conference about “Mentoring and Coaching in the digital age”. As the President and Chairman of the Board I was very pleased with the high level key notes during the day and the high energy conversations. Mikko Kosonen, President of the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra opened the seminar and talked about the megatrends our society is facing and how it impacts work life. Raija Hämäläinen, Professor of Pedagogy at Jyväskylä University talked about the interaction between technology and humans and the changing nature of communication. We also had an input by David Clutterback on the global trends of mentoring and coaching. Anne Ribbers shared with us what e-coaching is all about and how to enhance learning and impact through an e-based coaching approach. Irja Leppisaari, teacher at Centria shared some interesting experiences about e-group mentoring at their college.Finally we had a best practice clinic were we shared best practices in how to lead your coaching business in the digital age and how to use flash mentoring with digital tools for entrepreneurs. All in all, my takeaway from the day was that coaching and mentoring has bigger than ever opportunities to serve organisations and individuals in the big transformation we are going through. We need however to re-invent how we do coaching and mentoring and embed more bravely new technology in the learning process. Go with the development needs and let the technology follow (not the other way around)