The True Source of Healing

I had the opportunity to get inspired on the  Ancient Tibetan medition retreat last weekend in Helsinki under the guidance of the amazing Tenzin Wangyal Ringpoche, the founder and spiritual director of Ligmincha International. ” The True source of Healing” course gave me lots of tools for restoring healthy balance through discovering the strength within myself. I got reminded me of many things which are so cruicial for sustainable wellbeing, joy and happiness. Most of all what struck with me is the power of our pain stories we create for ourselves in our lives and how we through meditation practice can release these stories. The pain in our lives often stem from these stories and we often get lost in these stories and create our own truth which is disconnected from the reality. It is so important to firstly recognize our own pain stories. Then we need to rest and calm ourselves in order to be able to create space for awareness in order to be ready to let go of  these stories. Through continuous meditation practice we can access our inner temple and find the strength to release these stories. What are the pain stories you are carrying? I warmly recommend this course to anyone interested in deeper self-discovery.