Work without stress in 2017

It is the last day of year 2016 and a good moment to reflect back on year 2016 and all achievements and things you are grateful about. At the same time a new year always presents itself with new opportunities to do differently that we have done before. How about a new year working without stress? If this is something you are trying to get your arms around, I recommend you to read Derek Roger’s and  Nick Petrie’s newly launched book Work Wihout Stress- Building a Reslient Mindset for Lasting Success. It is a practical, yet research based, book that will give you great tips and tool how to develop resilience, limit stress and refocus energy. This book is NOT about how to slow down and relax (even if that is important aswell). This book will give you tools and techniques how to reprogram your emotional responses in high-pressure situations and how to break some of your self-defeating habits in these situations. I can warmly recommend it. Get your copy from and have a happy and stress free work life in 2017!