Time to disconnect and reflect

It is Christmas and this is a perfect time to disconnect from the outside world and set out on an inner journey ,as Arianna Huffington expresses it. Most executives I work with struggle to do this and find themselves on-line most of their vacations. The key is in my mind to make a deliberate decision about disconnecting and decide to stick to the decision. There is always so much going on that will distract us and crave for our attention. If we don’t make a deliberate decision to be switch off and stick to it, it won’t happen. The question is also, what are some of the hidden commitments which Robert Kegan talks about that keep us on-line even if we know it is not good for us when we are on vacation? Awareness about our hidden commitments can help us deal with what gets in our way of doing what we know is good for us. Luckily Christmas time is usually a time when even the outside world slows down for a few days so it may help a little bit. I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and a new year with lots of new energy.