Leading continuous change

Leading change is a theme which is here to stay. One of the new great books which are out is “Leading Continuous Change- Navigating churn in the real world”. This book is written by Bill Passmore, Senior Vice President and Global Organisational Practice Leader for the Center of Creative Leadership (CCL) and professor of Practice of Organisation and Leadership in Columbia University. Bill’s perspectives have been familiar to me throughout the years with the work we have done in CCL and I am so happy this book is out now for everyone’s benefit. I believe this book brings a fresh perspective to look at organisational change and how to approach change in a world where multiple pressures for change are there at the same time. A singular and linear approach to leading change is no longer enough in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. Bill’s model starts with an the out-side in perspective and prioritizing the high impact change options At the same time he brings an in-side out perspective of leading change by touching on the mindsets needed to drive and implement change and how you with these mindsets also are better equipped to assess the capacity for change in the organisation. Bill provides in his book a clear process for leading change and concrete tools for every phase. What I particularly like is that he has put at the heart of his model the mindsets. Personally I believe collective mindsets are in the end either makes a change initiative success or failure.  I highly recommend you to get a personal copy of this book.