Mentoring students rocks

Besides coaching I am a big fan of mentoring. I have always had a mentoring relationship on-going where I mentor a student who is just about to graduate. Having graduated myself from the Swedish School of Economics (SSE) in Helsinki, Finland I have a special love for mentoring students at this university. I very often get asked, so why do I do pro-bono mentorings as I am so busy with other work assignments?  Well, personally I feel a responsibility to help students to enter the work life. The mentoring processes have also given me a lot new thoughts and perspectives talking to the younger generations (Even if I do not feel I am that old yet myself:) and it is a pleasure to see people grow. Probably my love for mentoring started with my own fantastic mentoring experience I had when I was in my early years of my career as a mentee.  I have also had the pleasure to help several organizations and also all other mentoring pairs as part of SSE’s Mentoring program to get started with their mentoring process. In the newly released publication of SSE there is an article (in Swedish language) where I provide my short reflections on being part of this recent journey in SSE. Take a look at page 15