“Living Leadership”- the story of a top executive

I had the pleasure this week to speak at the book launch event in Oslo, Norway for the new book called “Levende Ledarskap”= “Living Leadership. This book is written by Ingar Skaug, one of my favourite  international top leaders. Ingar has made a prominent career as a senior executive in SAS and as the CEO for Wilhlem Wilhelmsen. Today he serves as the Chairman of the Board for Center for Creative Leadership,  Chairman of Bery Maritime A/S; Ragni Invest A/S and Vice Chairman of J. Lauritzen A/S.  I have personally had the chance to get to know Ingar through my work with the Center for Creative Leadership. To me Ingar is a great example of a values based leader, some one who is so well grounded and makes an organisation feel grounded. Ingar was the leader who lead the Wilhelm Wilhelmsen organisation through the tragedy after its top 50 leaders died in a plane crash, Ingar was the new appointed CEO to take over this grieving organisation and lead it to a new future. His extensive leadership journey from many decades is now shared in his new book and I can warmly recommend it. It is currently only available in Norwegian language, but will soon be available also in English and German.