Leadership in the moment

I am back to Africa, this time in Zambia, and I have thought a lot about  leadership in the moment. I work with a lot of clients who are so pressed with the busy schedules they create for themselves and organizations with cultures of just meetings one after another. I believe this is already in itself creates for many leaders a sense of not having the time to  slow down and reflect and  creates a feeling of being on the run all the time. Many leaders I work with actually need to learn to book and dedicate space for reflection, which is cruicial for any leader who wishes to develop him/herself. I believe there is a lot to be learnt from cultures where the concept of time is very different. I have  on this mission worked with an organization in Zambia which is really living in the moment and a lot of things are happening adhoc and unplanned. Probably  a total opposite to a planned meeting culture. However, there is a lot of power of choosing in the moment of what to work with and work with what is present right now.

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