Leaps in Leadership Development in Africa

I have just returned from Tanzania, where I was last week running a training on coaching and mentoring for senior leaders. Coaching is still very new to many local leaders and I was curious to explore how a coaching approach would fit into the local leadership culture. Mentoring is more present in the African community but less so in the business world. I expected the local leaders to be interested and curious about coaching and mentoring , but I was so surprised by the energy and ethusiasm I encountered. I have very rarely worked with entire groups that have demonstrated such a will and energy to develop themselves and their organizations. Each participant made concrete commitments of how they will implement back in the workplace what they have learnt. As we know,  not everything planned happens back at work. But even if only 20% of  the commitments made will come true, the local leadership development is taking some leaps forward. I feel so blessed to work in a field where I can impact the development of  individuals, teams, organisations as well as societies. I am looking forward to returning to Tanzania in the near future.

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